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All you Need to Know About Car Detailing

Many UK motorists regularly take their vehicle to their local car detail provider, which keeps the car looking its best, and if you have never considered giving your car a treat, here are some of the packages you can find at your local car valeting company.

The Basic Car Valet

This is a standard package that covers the following:

  • Hot water wash and wax.
  • Door shuts cleaned.
  • Wheels and tyres cleaned and tyre walls dressed.
  • Interior Vacuumed thoroughly.
  • Interior windows cleaned
  • Interior dashboard and doors cards dressed.

If you are looking for car scratch repair in Plymouth, the valet company would have a scratch and dent specialist who can restore the paintwork to its original condition.

The Comprehensive Car Valet

The comprehensive package can be divided into two sections:


  • Degreased using TFR.
  • Removal of tree sap and mould.
  • Hot wash & wax.
  • Wheel arches and door and boot shuts cleaned and polished.
  • Wheels and tyres cleaned, polished and tyres dressed.


  • Interior vacuumed thoroughly.
  • Pet hairs removed.
  • Seats and carpets shampooed.
  • Dash, door cards and central console cleaned and polished.
  • Interior windows cleaned.
  • Air freshener applied.

Some drivers prefer to have their car detailed every few weeks, while others reserve it for a special occasion, but whatever the reason, your local car valet company is always happy to restore your car to its former glory. If you are not aware of the location of a nearby car valeting service, search online using a business directory and that will give the you the location details and you can book your car in.

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