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Are You Looking For Reliable Car Shipping Meant for Military Families?

There are lots of things that one can enjoy being a part of military services. Some of them include a great companionship, the feeling that your family is also a part of something really great, the healthcare benefits, help with various logistics while making a PCS move, and also finding housing, packing and even shipping your household goods.

However, the military generally moves only on its specific schedule. In case, your family has certain needs that do not exactly fit into any military-maneuvered PCS move then you are stuck.

Therefore, often many military families go for a personally procured move known as PPM, which can offer a family little more personal control about their movement like what has to be moved and when to move, etc.

As a part of PPM, car shipping for military families is also needed where Ship a Car, Inc. can offer them a discount offer so that they can save a little money in their pocket.

Once you have decided that you are going for a PPM then you must submit your application. For that, you must meet your base PTO (Personal Property Transportation Office). Your PTO  will explain to you all about the PPM program and give you the necessary forms for reimbursement, and also answer any queries that you may have.

Once you have been authorized for your PPM then you may go ahead and start preparing yourself according to your schedule. Often you may also need to attend a counselling session to know how will you fill your application.

Thereafter, you may take the following steps to make arrangements for your movement.

1.     Create your budget

Creating a proper moving budget can always be an overwhelming task if you are doing it for the first time. Your first estimation may not be exact. You must keep proper track of all your expenses and look for discounts wherever possible.

2.     Schedule your movement

As a military person, you must time everything well. You have to coordinate with packers, movers and also schedule when you are going to ship your car. Arrange travel tickets for your family, etc.

3.     Find a right car shipping company

There are many companies these days are available who are also offering discounts to military personnel while shipping their car. You may call their representative and finalize your date of shipping the car.

4.     Confirm your car insurance needed

You must check with the car shipping company to find out what insurance cover they are offering. If you think that you need additional insurance cover then find out based on the states where your car will travel, about the coverage.

5.     Keep all your receipts safe

Whatever expenses that you are going to make for the packers, movers, and for shipping your cars, you must save all the receipts very carefully because you will need all of them for your reimbursement.

6.     Submit for settlement

Once you have reported your duty to your new station then you can submit all the receipts for which you had made expenses for the movement.

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