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Dangers of Driving with Worn Brakes

Besides causing accidents and compromising your safety, driving with worn out brakes can lead to damage of the expensive car parts. Brakes are connected to moving parts of the vehicle and if you end up damaging any one component, it can cause a trickle effect. To ensure that you’re not driving with worn out brakes, auto experts at dubaityreshop.com have highlighted ways you can tell you either need to get them checked or simply buy new ones.

How to Tell Your Brake Pads are Damaged?

Getting your brake system inspected can save you a lot of money. Here are some of the signs to look out for before experiencing costly damages.

Vehicle Vibration: Well-maintained brake pads and braking system ensures a smoother ride, especially when you pull it stop. So, if you feel vibrations in the car when braking then it means a service checkup. Vibration doesn’t necessarily mean bad news or costly repairs – in fact it can save you from some major revamps.

A Slow Response Time: Worn out brakes makes it difficult to apply brakes, putting more pressure on the brake pedal. Pay special attention to the response time and when it becomes harder to pull the vehicle to a stop, then your brakes might be worn. Worn out brakes are not only a cause of accident but can also increase fuel consumption, result in longer stopping distances, and slipping when braking.

Soft Pedals: Brakes that lack resistance, act like sponge when you apply pressure are either in need of inspection or replacement.

Loud Noise: If you hear grinding or squeaking noise when applying brake, then its an indication that the brake pads are providing resistance to the friction of the mechanical brakes’ parts. Safe bet is to get the brakes checked.

Don’t Drive with Worn Out Brakes

Driving with damaged or worn out brakes can also wear down the tyres. The harder you apply brake due to broken raptors, brake pads, or calipers can cause friction on the tyres and make them wear quickly. When you purchase top tyre brands like Michelin, Continental, BFgoodrich, or Bridgestone, the manufacturers always mention brake system maintenance an important factor in tyres’ longevity. Whenever you buy Continental tyres, especially from reliable sources that offer warranty, the instructions cover several points including proper brake system.

Have your braking system serviced regularly and brake pads changed when needed. If it has been a while since you had the brakes checked then book an appointment with Dubai Tyre Shop for expert brake service. Their professional technicians will ensure your brake system runs and stops like it should, keeping you safe on the road.

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