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Growing Trends in the Automotive Industry

The car industry is changing. It is evolving with the modern world. Technology is advancing and the field is responding to its advances. Some people are excited about all the technology being used in cars and others are resistant. There is a bit of nostalgia for the way cars used to be built. While the old days of tough, powerful, and gas-guzzling automobiles are coming to an end, new trends are arising. Below are some of the fastest growing trends in the automotive industry.

Electric Cars

Of course, one of the biggest trends in cars is that there are more and more electric vehicles being made. Tesla is perhaps the most popular manufacturer of electric cars, but there are many other automakers that are creating electric models. So many carmakers are making new models that are fueled by electricity. There are more charging stations being installed around the country. It is becoming more convenient to be an electric car owner. As the trend grows and more car manufacturers focus on electric models, it will become easier and easier.

Virtual Testing

With augmented reality (AR) technology, car companies are testing their vehicles out safely. Now, there is no need to have a driver in the car. Test drivers can now remotely control the car with a steering wheel and all the other components of the vehicle. This eliminates the need to put someone in danger. Furthermore, it gives car companies the ability to make their cars safer. Volvo, for example, has always been known for their safe cars, but now they are using technology to improve the safety of their vehicles even more. With virtual testing, carmakers can push the limits of their vehicles and come up with new ways to make their products safe.

Image Capture

Overall, the roads are getting safer. Another tool making cars safer is image capture. This is when a car uses GPS and cameras to determine where other cars are on the roads and warn the driver when they are getting too close to them. This technology is used in Tesla’s models and is now spreading beyond the company. Soon, just about every new car will use image capture to help keep the car, and the people inside safer and more secure. Many technologies are helping carmakers create safer vehicles, but other tech could lead to complacency on the driver’s part.


Car automation is the sum of many different technologies. With image technology, automated machinery, and a computer in the vehicle, cars can drive themselves. The most common form of this is Tesla’s “autopilot” feature, but they also have models that are essentially fully automated. Technology has cars changing lanes, entering, and exiting highways, and performing many of the functions that drivers perform. Currently the technology is still advancing. One day we will have virtually driverless roads. Not everyone is excited about this, but the rate of accidents will surely decrease. For now, it has potential to make drivers complacent. Until we live in a fully automated society, we will still need to drive our cars.


You’ve probably noticed. Cars are getting quieter. They don’t rev like they used to. They don’t purr like a lion anymore. Some people really like quieter cars because they lead to quieter roads and less sound pollution, but the sound is also related to the power of the vehicle. Even electric cars can go very fast and be quite powerful, but they are still quiet. The trend of quieter vehicles is prominent. It is not uncommon for new cars to be nearly silent, especially if they are electric. Whatever your feelings about the volume of cars changing, this trend is apparent.

There are plenty of growing trends in the automotive industry. The field is changing. It is dynamically evolving. Between the technologies available today and the ability to use them, automakers are creating safer, quieter, and more versatile automobiles. Whether you are excited about these changes or long for the days of loud purring engines and cars that cared none about their pollution, the trends seem to be here to stay. As technology advances, the automotive industry changes. Will you accept new cars or keep the old ones around? 

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