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Save on your Motoring with These Tips

We all know the very high cost of car ownership these days, and if most of your disposable income in going on your wheels, here are a few ways that you can cut your motoring costs.

  • Used tyres – Changing all 4 tyres is not a cheap exercise, yet when you look at good used tyres that have 1000s of miles left in them, the savings are huge. Why do people sell their tyres? It might be to enjoy wider wheels, or the tyres came off an insurance write off, there are many reasons why a set of used Michelins are up for sale and even 18 months is worth the cost.
  • Reconditioned auto parts – Why buy new when, for less than half price, you can acquire a second-hand radiator that comes with a warranty? Finding used car parts in Weston Super Mare is not an issue; simply Google ‘local car breakers’ and that will take you to their website. It is easy to find the parts you need, search by model, year and component, all parts have been reconditioned and tested. The yard would have a digital database of all the parts they have and if they don’t have what you need, it can quickly be sourced.
  • Online auto insurance – Whatever your cheapest quote, you can beat that if you search the online insurers. If you have a clean accident history, you can expect to find some great deals specifically for experienced drivers.

The above money-saving ideas do not compromise on safety and by reusing, you are reducing your carbon footprint.

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