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What Can Go Wrong With My Car?

The modern motor vehicle is made up of approximately 30,000 separate components, so it is hardly surprising that things can and do go wrong. Of course, every motor vehicle should be serviced according to the manufacturer’s specifications, yet even with a car that has a full service history, there can be issues that crop up at any time, and here are a few common vehicle problems that you might encounter.

  1. Gearbox Issues – Whether automatic or manual, the gearbox is a very complex component, and with affordable repairs to automatic transmission in Epping, minor issues can be fixed before they become major. Make sure the gearbox oil is changed according to the instructions in the owner’s manual, which should minimise the risk of a gearbox malfunction.

  1. Engine Performance – If the timing is not configured correctly, the car’s performance could suffer as a result, and if you think your car is not performing as it should, contact an auto tuning specialist.

  1. Shock Absorbers – These are critical for a smooth ride and after a few tens of thousands of miles, they might need to be replaced. A shock absorber can be damaged if you hit a bump or dip in the road, and if you hear strange knocking sounds and the car feels rather clumpy, this could be caused by a malfunctioning shock absorber.

Of course, there are many other items that will need replacing, such as brake pads, various belts and peripheral components, and the service schedule would take these into account.

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